How to Adapt with Parents Burnout

By: Dr.Essam Gaber Ali - 21 November 2018

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Beginning in 2012, the world began to celebrate every year on June 1 the International Day of Parents. The celebration was a tribute to parents around the world in recognition of the dangerous role they play, and in respect of the great pressures they bear.

The potential result of the stress is the emergence of so-called "psychological combustion of parents". B is a state of emotional stress, lack of feeling, and a lack of sense of personal achievement that may affect the ability of the father and mother to do their part to the fullest.

Because of this, it is very important for every father and every mother they accept the article with the utmost concentration. God's blessing!!

Hanhabid day I tell you the good news: the psychological cure for parents is possible - and easily.

It is necessary to understand and understand that the psychological combustion is not a satisfactory condition that you have come to you, and a pure expression of your truth or personality. And it is necessary to understand that you are not alone in the story, you are not the only father and you are not the only mother who suffered from this subject.

If you doubt or doubt that you are suffering, or Nawi is suffering from psychological combustion, I advise you to start applying the six simple steps, which I will talk about in some detail as you can make a change in your life for the better. Or you are the full mother, or you have raised the whole child who is misunderstood.

All of your children need you to be reasonable or not, not super mama and no need. The father is the same thing. Vita Ritt a little lower the ceiling of your expectations of what is required of you and you are supposed to. Keda Owe helps you prioritize certain needs in your education for your children and focus on them as a bonus, and you will be deprived of other needs that are not a priority.For example, you do not need to tell your daughter to memorize lessons, coloring courses, ballet training, and all-school instruction. Violin is very important and it is necessary to stop it immediately: Blach focus on the fact that our children are fully aware of everything - not enough of an idea and not even Anto !! I mean Shater in school and memorized Koran and share in drawing and dancing and singing and playing karate !! As your people, you are not merely the entities of your people who want to form them based on your own concept of perfection.

And for no reason to laugh at yourself, you Bniki Shovti captives Mkntich approval of the way to raise them for birth and proved in the other that your words were true and that they hurt their birth unintentionally, and when I was reciting their response they were in favor of his interest. And refer to Tani and say: Mfish need a full father or mother, and there is no need for a full child, and the subject is not all of his heart is not heartache. If the wishes of the mother are not the desires of the father, and each one wants to make the boy or girl in his temper, and this is a choke on the children and with the children, especially if they were in adolescence.


2 Take your hand on the positive needs and focus on them

Step Di Cattle Oy with the idea of ​​giving up the perfection we talked about. Always focus on the strengths of your child, and be confident that he or she learns and improves every day in areas that need improvement.

The same words apply to you as a violin on the idea. You need to keep your focus on the needs that you know are sweet (eat, stay, study, do what you want). At the same time, you will appreciate a great deal of improvement in what you see in the rooms where you are not. For example, if you attend a time management workshop, see how you can do it in your daily life, and try to raise it in the life of your child in a positive way.


3 Role on Support

Really Strange Need Why do not you ask for help from a limit, You are very comfortable in providing assistance. This is a chance that they will help you, and give yourself an opportunity to help you from time to time.

Support or assistance is a very important need for parents who can adapt to family life. In many forms - parents, friends, spouse, community resources, or the extent to which they are employed - it is possible. And on the idea, the subject is possible to be simple Oi, one possible outfit call her hear you or give you advice.

Look around me, you'll find lots of people in your life who give you support in ways that sit on your mind. For example, ask for a time limit with your children, since you can take a break.

Need a violin, be aware that you are asking your children some things themselves. Your children do not need a need if they cost them and need them. Blush your activity teaches them laziness or lack of cooperation.

Matkleesh boys are looking for the need for ready-made, vice versa. They are tired in the need to know their value, and remain understanding that is acceptable to them less than this. . I mean, before the time of the V or the descent of the street, they have the task of saving them first, and then we see the themes de. It is possible that the subject remains just that they drop the garbage bag every night, or they learn the game or away from their little sisters.

Simple needs will help ease the burden on you, and it is very easy to teach them to take responsibility and how to cooperate with others.

Conclusion: adults need to spend time adult costume !! The father or mother is in need, feeling that they are sons of Adamin, not merely machines operated by "guardians". Adults need love, play, and intimacy


4 Cut the number in the box often

Often, the father or mother can stay more efficient and communicate better with their child and with less effort. There are as many things as possible that you can use: books on parenting, joining parent support groups in your surroundings, or using the knowledge of educators, psychologists, and anyone else to help.

And I do not need to warn you of the quality of the books of parenthood that you return to, because a lot of them can remain difficult or painful, and provide your sense of incompetence. He always chose self-help books because they remained written in a way that guided parents to the idea that in more than one way he could raise his children, all of them true.


5 Change your lifestyle

You may be looking for simple changes, such as meeting the support you need, or starting a time specialty for yourself, and practicing maternity more effectively. Once the father or mother recognizes the problem in which they are actually living and is willing to take steps to solve, they can now assess the situation with each other and decide on the solutions available to them. The changes can be significant, such as changing the job or limiting them - often the mother - to having his job taken off or taking a long, long vacation. You need to know that work can be appreciated and that you need to be present and present for what you are with your child. Resist the desire to respond to every email or email. You may say to yourself that the answer is not accurate, but the truth is that the minute will not be lost from the precious time you spend with the child.

As for the technology issue, it is important for you to be clear boundaries. I mean, for example, I need to be a psychologist with all my passwords - passwords - and it would be better if parental supervision programs are available on children 's devices. In addition, there is a limit to the specific times when they are allowed to use the equipment for their convenience, and a specific place where the mobile devices are disrupted by what they are not allowed to operate on.


6 Hero Feel guilty All you think about yourself is a little bit

I need to understand that the time you specialize in yourself is very vital to your health, but the lost thing does not give it. I mean, I attended you, because you are not happy, I do not feel satisfied, I do not feel so grateful to your children for the happiness and love they are waiting for you.

By the same token as the oxygen mask that shines in the flyer. Always Teiji Instructions Flyer Kit You take the mask with your first tak and then get the help of the little children. The reason for this is simply that we are no longer useful to the children if we were not able to breathe well. The time you specialize for yourself has been so vital and important, and you are negligent that you abandon part of your lifestyle means that you are taking yourself on the starting line of psychological problems.

Father and mother need to understand that they do not invest their time in developing their relationship with one another, the relationship between them is emotional, and their emotional needs are not what they meet. The second person understands Bimmer Bie, or his sense of appreciation and sympathy for the role played by B, or even just to know each one of them that the poet and the extent of the tasks of his feelings, which in itself is very vital to mental health - and others, Bacon psychological combustion Fadelh Tekkah Small

of the other, adults in need spend time adult costume !! The father or mother is in need, feeling that they are sons of Adamin, not merely machines operated by "guardians". Adults in need of love, play, and intimate. If this is the case, go out with your wives, give yourself up, my soul is a spa, or leave me alone and go to you. Kids do not need them!