Natural (vaginal) birth vs. Cesarean birth

By: Dr.Mina Safwat Thabet - 29 January 2020

Caesarean is better or natural? An idea that engages our thinking once we know that we are pregnant until birth .. No, no, that is once we get married! The two sexes cannot be compared and preferred, but it should be chosen based on your health and the condition of the fetus? First we need to know the difference between the two: Normal delivery: From its name is a natural birth, which means our Lord created it from the days of Adam and Eve. Pregnant women in the ninth month feel pain like menstrual pain, but it is more difficult and lasts between 8 to 12 hours, especially if it is the first birth and the period decreases with the large number of births and ends with the child’s descent. Of course, our Lord has great help and support in this period. He also trained us in the pain of childbirth, from the end of the eighth month with some gripe pain, and the pain is similar to some pain in childbirth. We call it false birth pain by training us, and training nono in how to give birth. It means where the mother, doctor? Ewa in it, but very hard to forget about it after birth, and currently in many ways that we use it to relieve pain, such as giving birth without the mother or some types of pacifiers and anesthetics. Of course, we will not decide naturally, except when the world of the mother and the child is controlled, and the birth is fine. Ok and Cesarean Cesarean (“C”) Section: Caesarean section is the birth of a child through a simple wound in the abdomen. Of course there are more of them in the type, method, and method depending on the child’s condition, number of births, and the mother’s request Of course, those who are born again caesarean section will mostly remain after caesarean section. Caesarean section has pain. It contains pain. Of course, after birth, we take painkillers and pain. This is because of the nature of the operation of opening the abdominal layers Negi, it remained for the widespread rumor that she was working as a rumen or sagging in the abdomen after giving birth. Anaesthesia: We, in coordination with the anesthesiologist, choose the appropriate method for anesthesia with childbirth, mostly by choosing half-anesthesia, which is by simple doubt in appearance to inject the drug. Although it is a simple doubt, but the one who is afraid of it is the result of the words of the people who are afraid to take an injection before the company. This is not true to her. After this talk, what type is better for me? Of course, the gynecologist is required, according to the condition of the mother and the child, to determine the type and nature of the birth. But if the natural and Caesarean section is available, of course, choose the natural one. As we say, we will say, and we will separate. We say the natural is a natural physiological process that our Lord created without any interference from us. The best gynecologist in the natural birth is the child himself. He is the one who knows how to move and how to play. The sciatica doctor follows the wisdom of our Lord, helping the mother and currently controlling the mother’s pain with certain drugs and injections.