Depression Q&As

By: Dr.Eman Attia Abdou - 29 January 2020

Q: How do I know if my relative or friend is depressed? - You will notice that he remained anxious and uncomfortable most of the time. He began to isolate himself from people and does not enjoy the hangouts and activities like before, with or without reason. - His words became few, he was no longer regular in study or work, and he lost his enthusiasm for doing anything - He lost his appetite and fell asleep or increased or fell asleep to evade life Q: What can I do to help him? - Listen to him, and make him feel that he is not alone and that you will support him, and more importantly, that you seek help from a specialist before it is too late Q: Does anyone with a little discomfort have depression? -No, the depressive mood is a symptom that is not a disease that means it can be uncomfortable only and does not have a disease that calls for anxiety or has a need and needs help in the shortest time Q: How do I know the difference between presentation and disease? - Of course, you are not required to diagnose it, this is the role of the specialist doctor, in case you complained about any of the symptoms mentioned, he went to the nearest psychiatrist and he will do the necessary Q: Sometimes he talks about suicide as a joke, is it normal for me to joke with him? - As long as he mentioned the biography of suicide, even if by way of Hazar, that is something to be reckoned with Q: Does this mean lack of faith and condemnation? Suicide thoughts come to a depressed patient who suffers from it due to a specific lack of some chemicals in the brain cells. This person does not need criticism and preaching but needs understanding and help. The religious side helps the patient very much, but not alone. There must also be other therapeutic factors besides strengthening the religious side of the person because he is ill and has a cure. Q: What should I tell him then? - Advise him to go to the nearest psychiatrist, as this is your duty to preserve his life